Here at Millgaet Media, we aim to produce all our work with integrity and style, while providing a professional and personal service to all our customers. We offer a wide range of services to help meet your requirements, taking your project from conception to the finished product, or helping you with any individual elements.

Our services are showcased in our own products, most notably our popular monthly magazine i'i shetland. The magazine is written and designed in house and our team of photographers provide the stunning images.

Take a look at the services we offer opposite and examples of our previously commissioned work below. If you would like more information on any of our products and services, or would like to discuss your requirements, contact us.

Shetland College Prospectus 2011/12

Promotional brochure produced every year by Shetland College UHI to provide students with information about the college, its courses and how to apply.

Specifications: 80+4 pages; 230x297mm; perfect bound; cover - 200gsm, inside - 100gsm

Graphic design: Eve Eunson   Photography: Malcolm Younger

For the third consecutive year, Millgaet Media worked with the Shetland College marketing officer to produce a vibrant, accessible prospectus to attract students to study at Shetland College UHI.

Working closely with college staff, Eve designed a clear and accessible layout to streamline the vast amount of information provided. A colourful layout system was used to define each course section and aid navigation through the document.

As in previous prospectuses, photography was commissioned. To illustrate the college's diverse and vibrant nature, Malcolm captured plenty of activity from across the range of courses.

(Prospectus also produced by Millgaet Media in 2009/10, 2010/11)

Lerwick Port Authority Calendar 2012

Promotional calendar distributed by Lerwick Port Authority (LPA) to customers and associates every year.

Specifications: A4(when closed), A3 (when hanging); stapled, 3mm drilled hole; cover - 250gsm, inside - 135gsm

Graphic design: Eve Eunson

Photography: Ivan Hawick, Craig Sim, Malcolm Younger, LPA staff.

The brief for the calendar was to focus entirely on the Tall Ships Races 2011, which visited Lerwick in July 2011. The design was conceived with a nautical theme in mind, in keeping with the event.

LPA was provided with a selection of photography taken by Millgaet Media photographers during the event to consider along with photography from their own staff. Our selection included photographs from the sea and air on the Ruby May vessel and Oscar Charlie helicopter respectively, which we arranged use of especially for the event.

(Calendar also produced by Millgaet Media in 2011)

Shetland Islands Council Adult Learning evening class booklet 2011/12

Annual guide to the part-time evening and day classes available in Shetland, including advice on funding and application forms.

Specifications: 48+4 pages; A5; stapled; cover - 115gsm, inside - 70gsm

Graphic design: Eve Eunson

With cost-cutting in mind, the brief for this year's Adult Learning booklet was to reduce the number of pages from the previous year by 50% and print the internal pages in a single colour of ink. Condensing the document by this substantial amount while retaining a high level of accessibility and visual appeal was quite a challenge, but was achieved by Eve with relative ease through close collaboration with the client.

(Adult Learning booklet also produced by Millgaet Media in 2010/11)

A Glimpse of Lerwick's Waterfront History

Douglas Sinclair takes the reader on a walk through the significant changes of Lerwick's waterfront during its development.

Specifications: 70+4 pages; 230x297mm; case bound; cover (hardcover, glossy lamination) and inside - 135gsm

Graphic design: Craig Sim

Shetland Calendar

Featuring beautiful photography from around Shetland, the calendar was commissioned by a local retailer for the Christmas market.

Specifications: A4 (when closed), A3 (when hanging); stapled, 3mm drill hole; cover and inside - 200gsm

Graphic design: Craig Sim

Photography: Ivan Hawick, Craig Sim, Brydon Thomason, Malcolm Younger

The Tall Ships Races 2011 - Lerwick official programme and crew handbook

Pocket sized guides for the public and visiting crew, with information and event details. Both followed the style guide specified by the client.

Specifications: 60+4 pages (programme), 28+4 (handbook); A6; stapled; cover and inside - 170gsm

Graphic design: Craig Sim

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