Oscar Charlie

Our Angel - Shetland Search and Rescue 1983-2007

Written/edited by Terry Mooney and Eve Eunson. Photography by Malcolm Younger and Kieran Murray.

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A history of the work of Oscar Charlie (G-BDOC) - the S61 Search and Rescue helicopter based in Sumburgh, Shetland, between 1983 and 2007. Her numerous dramatic rescues earned her a place in the hearts of the Shetland public. Although the original Oscar Charlie was replaced in 2007, the legacy of Oscar Charlie - the original Shetland SAR helicopter - remains.

Written by winch operator Terry Mooney with additional research and editing by Eve Eunson, the book covers everything from technical information and crew training to school visits - and of course detailed accounts of some of Oscar Charlie's most dramatic rescues. With stunning on-scene photography taken over the decades by Malcolm Younger and winch operator, Kieran Murray, this book really brings to life the work done by Oscar Charlie and her crew.

This was an excellent read! Great photos - I really enjoyed spotting faces I knew - and the technical information describing the equipment and mechanical workings of Oscar Charlie was very interesting and informative. There were some very emotional descriptions of rescues, which brought to life the heroism of the Oscar Charlie team, and amazing capabilities of the helicopter. Even the log of daily incidents was fascinating to flick through. I would recommend this book for anyone, young or old!” Louise Cluness

Shetland in Focus

1980-2000 volume I

Photography by Malcolm Younger


Malcolm Younger has been a professional photographer in Shetland for over 30 years. This delightful book of black and white photographs is a wonderful showcase of some of Younger's early work, as well as being an eclectic snapshot of Shetland's social history. With ship wrecks, carnivals and clipping sheep, Malcolm has captured some of the finest moments and faces in Shetland life. Published in 2000, there are now only a handful of copies left in stock - get one while you can!

"A treasure of a book"  Jonathan Wills

A Glimpse of Lerwick's Waterfront History

Written by Douglas M. Sinclair


A busy fishing port since the 1600s, Lerwick and its harbour have expanded and changed dramatically over the years. From an early age, local historian Douglas Sinclair has been collecting photographs of old Lerwick and delving into the archives at the Shetland Museum to find out more about the structures and seascapes in his photographs.

"Over the years I have enjoyed Douglas' visits to the Archives. I have had the privilege of discussing Lerwick's waterfront and its mysteries with him on many occasions. I am pleased to see his work come to fruition in this remarkable publication. I heartily recommend it." Brian Smith (Archivist, Shetland Museum and Archives)


Photography by Millgaet Media

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A delightful pocket sized (A5) book of scenic Shetland, wildlife and portraits. One of our best sellers and an ideal gift for anyone with an interest in photography or the isles.


Up-Helly-Aa DVDs

Up-Helly-Aa is one of the most important and highly anticipated events on the Shetland calendar. Our DVDs tell the story of each year’s festival, from the Jarl Squad’s preparations to the spectacular torch lit procession, and of course a look at the entertainment in the halls at night.

DVDs available:

Up-Helly-Aa programmes

Photography by Millgaet Media

Your essential Up-Helly-Aa companion! Released on the big day, this full-colour publication provides you with all the essential information on the Jarl and Jarl Squad. In this beautifully produced booklet you will find the Jarl's saga, squad song, detailed images of the full suit and its construction process, a delve into the Jarl's background and a look back in Up-Helly-Aa history by Douglas Sinclair. There is also information and photographs of the Junior Jarl and his squad.

Titles available:

Up-Helly-Aa specials

Photography by Millgaet Media, squad photos by J. Coutts.

This full-colour souvenir brings together all the highlights from the full 24 hours of Up-Helly-Aa day, caught on camera by our excellent team of photographers - from the morning parade through Lerwick, to the torchlit procession and burning of the galley in the evening, right through the night as the squads visit 11 halls, entertaining the audiences with acts and dances until breakfast time! This publication captures all the fun and emotion of the day as it happens and includes the official photographs of each squad.

Titles available:

Tall Ships

Tall Ships Races 2011 - Lerwick DVD

By Millgaet Media

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All the highs of the long-anticipated return of the Tall Ships Races to Lerwick.

The Tall Ships Races 2011 – Lerwick Official Pictorial Souvenir (Special publication)

The Tall Ships Races returned to Lerwick in July 2011 for a spectacular four-day event. Over 50 vessels from all over the world descended on the town as locals and visitors enjoyed the party atmosphere. Our pictorial souvenir is a stunning collection of photographs by our team of photographers covering all aspects of the event, brought together in this full-colour special.

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Shetland Pony Breed Show 2009

By Millgaet Media

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Watch highlights of the annual Shetland Pony Breed Show 2009. Held on Shetland soil for the very first time, the show attracted spectators from all over the world and entrants from all over the UK. Along with highlights from all four show rings, viewers will find clips from the Shetland Pony Grand National qualifier and the Pageant - a demonstration of the history and use of the Shetland Pony through the ages.

Tom Anderson - a slockit light. His days remembered.

Our DVD is a tribute to one of Shetland’s most talented musicians. A talented fiddle player and composer, Dr Tom Anderson’s influence on Shetland music can still be seen today. Featuring footage of Tom and interviews with the likes of Aly Bain and Charlie Simpson, we tell the story of a remarkable man and his music.

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Festivals of Fire 2010

Scalloway, Nestin’ & Girlsta, Uyeasound, Northmavine, Cullivoe, Norwick, Bressay, South Mainland and Delting.

Outwith Lerwick, there are nine fire festivals that take place around Shetland. Our DVD showcases the highlights of the 2010 country fire festivals.

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A collection of stories and events around Shetland throughout the year.

DVDs available:

  • 2008 – Highlights include: Auld New Year, new Oscar Charlie, Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa, Midsummer Carnival, and Cunningsburgh Show. Add to basket (£15)
  • 2009 – Highlights include: Uyeasound Pier opens, Shetland Pony Breed Show, Walls Vintage Car Show and Kirikou the Otter. Add to basket (£15)

Special Publications

Status Quo on the rock

Relive Status Quo's fantastic performance at the Clickimin Leisure Centre in Lerwick through this special 32-page full-colour souvenir magazine.

Photography by Ivan Hawick, Craig Sim and Malcolm Younger.

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